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About me

Hi, I'm Sarah Lam.  I have four beautiful sons and four birth experiences that are as individual as they are. While I was pregnant with my second son, I discovered the role that a doula could play in contributing to a positive birth experience and realised immediately that I was not only passionate about having this for myself, but also providing it for other women and their partners. 


I believe that women birth best wherever they are most comfortable, be it at home, hospital, birth centre or canal boat! I actively support the individual choices that each parent-to-be can and should make at this unforgettable time in their lives.


It was during my journey as a doula, that I discovered the life-enhancing benefits the placenta can offer for post-birth care and trained to be a placenta encapsulation specialist.  It was only after my own fourth birth that I was able to experience first hand the restorative power of the placenta.  I feel passionate about nurturing (the often neglected) post-natal recovery of both you and your baby.

Professional training

December 2016

Sands bereavement workshop

June 2016                

Foraging Botanicals – Herbs during pregnancy and birth study day

April 2016

Level 2 award in principles of HACCP

April 2016

Level 2 Award for food safety for manufacturing​

November 2013

Placenta encapsulation course

July 2013              

Spinning Babies workshop

May 2013              

Penny Simkin’s “When survivors give birth” study day

April 2013                 

Rebozo workshop

September 2012     

Ina May Gaskin’s 7-day Midwifery Assistant workshop
(Tennessee, USA)

July 2012               

Mum-to-mum peer breastfeeding supporter training course

January 2012        

Understanding Hypnobirthing workshop

October 2009          

Diane Garland’s Waterbirth study day

July 2009                 

Nurturing Birth doula course

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