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Doula services



Like a knowledgeable friend who you can always rely on, a doula provides calm, comforting, and nurturing assistance when you need it most. I meet with you two or three times antenatally, this gives us a chance to build up a rapport, while you prepare mentally and physically for your birth. We would talk about the physiology of birth, labour stages and methods of coping, birth options, how I can offer support for the birth partner as well as mum, breastfeeding advice and aftercare. These sessions can run alongside any other birth preparation classes you may wish to take, and we can explore further any issues that may arise from them as mine are individually tailored to suit you and your needs.

A doula is there for a woman and her family during pregnancy, childbirth and into early parenthood.

Throughout this often exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking period, a doula can provide practical, emotional, non-medical support, whilst providing you with information to help you make informed choices along the way.

I will be on call for four weeks around your expected due date and then with you from when you need me during your labour, right through until after you and baby have feeding established. I then see you twice postnatally, to talk about the birth, support with feeding and see how you’re getting on.  


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