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"Having a constant 'if something goes wrong' attitude coming from all directions it was a breath of fresh air to talk to Sarah and share the instinctive and positive view on birthing. We chose to not attend antenatal classes at a local hospital or NCT classes. Instead we went for a hypnobirthing course and  had Sarah come to our house a few times to talk about birthing. She was very knowledgeable and great in addressing any concerns that we had. We also borrowed a few books from Sarah. A Fathers Guide to Birth was particularly helpful for my husband. 

When the day came we were ready and calm. We sailed from 0 to 10cm in less than 12 hours. I asked Sarah not to be told my dilation and despite me changing my mind mid way through contractions, she kept it from me. And thanks to Sarah for that. I think it may slow birthing process if a mother knows all the numbers and starts calculating how much longer she's got to go. Not knowing the numbers meant that I could completely surrender to birthing and just be in the moment. As I was ready to push we had some meconium and had to go into the hospital. Where after 4 hours of second stage and no baby yet I had to come to terms that medical intervention is inevitable. Sarah was amazing, encouraging and supportive. So another 30 minutes and a bit of help with forecepts - Kal-El was out at 11.57AM. Sarah thought through the slightest details like bringing straws for drinking water and magically materializing some grapes when I got hungry while laboring in the hospital. Even more magically getting a packet of my favorite biscuits out once all was over. Sarah played a major and a very positive role pre-during-post birth and was super supportive and encouraging in the more difficult moments. Having Sarah with us was most certainly a great decision and one I'd take again if we were to have more babies"

Giedre P

"As any new father knows when your about to deal with the magical dramas of  childbirth and a possible 12 hours of  labour you spend your whole time anxiously worrying about the million things that might go wrong and of course the safety of the two most important things you have in your life. .. And as every text book says "it's essential to stay clam and embrace the moment" but for a lot of guys this is quite a tricky order, especially when there so much going through your head . Having Sarah there made things feel real, calm and ok again ! Sarah was our doula but on day she quickly became our confident - our strength and our friend . For me knowing that the first thing  our baby ever saw was his freaked out dad laughing and smiling is everything! Having Sarah there as our doula made this and so much more possible.. Just like my wife and baby boy, I'm chuffed to bits we choose her!
Proud and still freaked out smiling father."

Atif C

"I was extremely nervous of labour and birth. I contacted several doulas but as soon as I spoke to Sarah I liked her immediately. She was friendly and very approachable, hugely knowledgable about pregnancy and birth and I strongly felt no matter what happened it would be ok as she would be there to support me. Sarah visited us at home before the birth and we talked through my concerns at length. Her humour and relaxed approach helped me to see birth as a very natural process. She made me feel calm, confident and prepared. 

During labour Sarah was an absolute powerhouse of support. She stayed with me, keeping me calm and focused through what turned into a long tiring labour. She was calmly encouraging, she stepped in when I needed her help speaking with medical staff, she took a back seat when I just wanted my husband. She also gave enormous support to my husband. She seemed to know instinctively the right thing to do at the right time. We were so amazed by her and grateful to her and both felt if we didn't have Sarah with us labour would have been a very different experience. She is a warm and wonderful woman who will always be part of our family."

Suzzanne G

"We met Sarah when expecting our first child and we wanted to have someone else with us at the birth who wasn't family nor from the NHS, someone would stand for our belief, our birth plan wishes if anything was to go off plan during the birth. We immediately got on with Sarah, and after only a few meetings, we felt very confortable about Sarah being our doula. She's very easy talk to and she respected our choices, giving us at the same time some useful feedback for us to take into consideration. The day of the birth came, and Sarah was of huge support to only my wife, but me too! She knew when to give us space and when to support us (via great back massage I've heard!). She also established a very professional relationship with the midwives that were there, standing for us at time, helping us to make the decision we needed to. Sarah provided us with an amazing support before, during and after the birth. I highly recommend her service. She's full of energy, got a great smile and sense of humour (very much needed when there's tension building in the room) and very knowledgable about the little things about birth you wouldn't think about. She puts our interests first and I can't thank her enough for that. Amazing job! Great person! (so good that we got her back in the room for our 2nd child). I'll never be able to thank you enough Sarah!"

 Damien O

"Nadia was always keen to have a birth partner for her first birth (and it went so well that we will definitely repeat the experience for the next birth too!). She wanted to have a female presence.

She decided to look for a doula as we had chosen to have a home birth and that's how we got in touch with Sarah.

Sarah came to our house to meet us both and as well as explain how she saw what her role was, she also wanted to know how we felt about it, and specifically how I felt about it.

She was very open and made us feel at ease very quickly. She shared some of her experience, even if little at the time, but it was good to hear it and made me see a different side of what giving birth was about.

We met Sarah a few times before the birth just to keep her up to date with how it was all going. As we got closer we were able to share some of our concerns...and Sarah was always there to answer our calls and help even if it was at some random time in the day..or night!

When "D-day" finally arrived, Sarah got to our house and started to work with not only Nadia but with both of us. She told Nadia what to do, without taking my space as husband  (which had been my main concern of having someone else there) which allowed me to focus on Nadia and the baby. Neither did she get in the way of the midwives when they got here. She fitted perfectly in the "team" during the entire birth.

We had discussed how we wanted the birth to take place and she was there to help us stick to the plan as much as we could and as long as it was reasonable (in case the conditions changed).

Sarah was always available during the process and she was able to pick up on Nadia or my feelings and advise us on how to address those with hee good sense of humour or by being dead serious when it was required. She was really able to connect with both of us and adapt to the situation.

The birth went really well and it was great to have Sarah around.

We won't be able to thank her enough for what she did... we just feel like she's now part of the family!

Damien OJ

"It was really important for me to have a birth that meant I was as calm and as relaxed as possible because I knew that this would make a huge difference to my pain threshold. Sarah was the perfect doula to make this happen. She was patient and intuitive, giving help and guidance when and as my husband and I needed it. She was never intrusive but really supportive of all my birth choices.  I really don’t think I could have had the calm and controlled birth experience I did, without her."

Nadia D

“It made all the difference to me having Sarah there supporting us.  She was so calm and immensely reassuring.  She was instantly aware of anything that was happening or needed to be done, and quietly swept in and sorted it out.”  

Robert P

“Sarah is a warm, beautiful person, and a knowledgeable, well-informed doula.  She enabled us to have the perfect home water birth experience that we had hoped for.  She was a continuous support thought the pregnancy and after, and a reassuring presence at the birth itself.  The care she gave went above and beyond our expectations.  She will always be important to us since she was an essential part of this life-changing event in our lives. We love Sarah!”

Gina P

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