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Placenta services

Why the placenta is vital for post-birth healing

Placenta remedies have been reported by mothers to:

  • reduce post-­birth bleeding quickly

  • encourage a quick and healthy milk supply

  • balance hormonal peaks and drops

  • reduce stress levels

  • prevent the baby blues and postnatal depression

  • boost energy, to help you cope with a busy day on reduced sleep

  • improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails

(Information provided by IPEN Placenta Network, Professional Training in Placenta Services)

There are a variety of ways I can help you benefit from your placenta:

Raw placenta smoothie Packed with fresh berries for a fruity flavour, designed to reduce blood loss immediately after birth and support the replacement of essential hormones.

Placenta capsules

Simple method: Sliced raw and dehydrated, to preserve vital hormones and nutrients, before being conveniently encapsulated for you.

Traditional Chinese medicine: Long considered to be ‘a full of life force’ organ in China, the placenta is steamed with herbs, dehydrated and ground into a powder – an excellent boost to your wellbeing during the early weeks of motherhood.

Placenta essence The perfect pick-me-up, it can be sprayed, inhaled or massaged onto pulse points when needed.

Placenta tincture A long-term restorative remedy for use during times of illness, stress or hormonal imbalance.

Placenta balm The ideal soothing solution for you and baby, it can be applied when needed during their first precious year.

Placenta cream Rich in estrogen and progesterone, two key anti-ageing properties, this rich, unscented formulation will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Prices start from £30

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